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Small Engine Tech Tips


Storing your equipment at the end of the season.

These are just a few small engine tech tips that will help you store your outdoor power equipment properly. When you have determined you are done for the season with your equipment, you must take care of it. Drain the remaining fuel or add a fuel stabilizer to the tank and fuel system. By doing this you will ensure the equipment will start the next season without costly repairs.

When fuel sits unused in a tank it starts to break down into varnish. It will thicken to the point that it will clog tiny passages in the carburetor needle valves causing poor starting or operation.
It can also start to condensate and add unwanted water to the fuel mix which cannot be burned in the ignition stroke.

To drain the tank you can either run the machine until empty or use an approved siphon to remove the excess fuel.
If you choose to siphon the fuel, make sure you run the equipment until it stops to get any excess fuel out of the carburetor.

If you choose to add stabilizer make sure you use a name brand and pay attention to the label for the correct amount to use. You will want to run the equipment for a few minutes to circulate the stabilizer through the carburetor.
Also make sure you top off the tank. This will eliminate the chances for condensation in the fuel.

Cleaning your mower deck

Keeping you mower deck clean is important to the health of your lawn.
On smaller mowers the entire unit can be tipped on its side for deck cleaning. Scrape with a putty knife or hose the underside off.

CAUTION: make sure you tip your mower with the air filter box pointing up. This will ensure that oil does not run into the fuel system and combustion chamber and cause hydro lock.

For larger mowers you can drive onto automotive style ramps or onto a curb to raise the deck enough for cleaning with a putty knife.

We hope some of these small engine tech tips have helped you! You can always call us with any other questions or concerns.